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Feel More Secure with Professionally Installed Home Security Cameras

Off-The-Shelf Wireless Systems Make Many Promises, But Often Fall Short Compared to Dedicated Wired Packages

Feel More Secure with Professionally Installed Home Security Cameras

Your home should be a place of solace and sanctuary. Feeling safe is essential for any family; and adding home security cameras can offer you that much-needed peace of mind.

There are many options available when it comes to security, and you might be intrigued by the highly promoted off-the-shelf products. Many cheaper security systems are high on the promise of ingenuity and feature sets with simple installation. Unfortunately, while there are some merits, these devices are lacking in many crucial areas. What they do not offer is robust security, reliability, or image clarity. Video surveillance is like many things; you get what you pay for.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities a better security system furnishes? Continue reading to learn why you need a professionally installed system for your Rancho Santa Fe, CA smart home.

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When comparing professional security packages to off-the-shelf gadgets, one of the greatest differences between them is the video quality. Smart doorbells and mini camera devices have made great strides, but they have a long way to go.

Our ultra-high-definition cameras and recorders are capable of 4K resolution video. Many wireless IoT devices barely generate highly compressed 720p. The result is a loss of essential details. Police and insurance require superior image quality; it is the difference between capturing accurate facial details or a blur.

Would you settle for lesser video quality in your home theater? So why accept it from the system installed to protect your family? 


Despite their conveniences, low-cost solutions are designed to be cheap and disposable. To minimize costs, manufacturers often use lower-grade lenses, questionable all-weather housings, and insufficient network safeguards. Consumer-grade cameras communicate over Wi-Fi to transmit video, sound and connection credentials with the bare minimum of encryption. More challenging passkey systems take up more bandwidth, processing, and require more expensive chipsets.

The remarkable truth is that nearly all name-brand IoT devices are crackable with tools easily found on the internet. In addition, a brand-name maker of smart doorbells and cameras announced that its devices now automatically search out and connect your home cameras to your neighbor's network by default! Of course, it would be unacceptable if your internet service provider said this; why would you allow it from the security cameras inside your home?


A professional, smart home security system does not stand on its own. Instead, it can act and react with the other control platforms as part of your smart home ecosystem.

With an automation system monitoring your temperature and humidity sensors, you can be advised if the levels in your wine cellar drop below a safe range. In addition, damage from a leaky HVAC or frozen pipes can destroy your valuable artwork, fine furniture, and electronics. An integrated surveillance and security system alerts you to these issues before they become devastating.


A better security system from One Touch Solutions starts with our relationship with you. While the quality of equipment helps, listening to your needs and concerns comes first. We design systems that meet your needs today and grow with you tomorrow. Contact One Touch Living to learn more. Click here or give us a call at (858) 798-9130 for a no-obligation consultation today!

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