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Monitor Your Second Home or Rental with Automation

How Technology can Help You Manage Multiple Properties

Monitor Your Second Home or Rental with Automation

Buying properties to rent them out and flipping fixer-uppers has been very trendy in recent years. Some people in the Rancho Santa Fe area see it as a wise investment. But if you manage more than one house it can get difficult to keep tabs on it and make sure it is well taken care of. Home automation is a very useful tool in these situations. Not only do you get the additional benefit of a professional and up to date security system, but you also can reduce annual costs on energy and stay in control of the property at all times—even in emergencies. Keep reading to learn more.

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Protect Your Rentals with Smart Security

When you manage properties from afar, it’s crucial to stay aware of the condition of your home. You also need a strong security and surveillance system to protect your property from all kinds of threats—from burglars to floods and fires. Our smart systems give you easy-to-use controls so you can review surveillance footage at any time, lock doors that were left open, and even get alerts if a fire breaks out.  Sensors can detect water leaks, fires, and even if a window breaks. If anything goes wrong, your system will send you an alert via text or email to let you know. Then you can respond immediately and send the appropriate professionals to handle the situation.

Manage Your Energy Output

You may be renting out the house to a family or individual, but if you put the right tools in their hand, you could help them save money and energy. Not only will this benefit your tenants, but it will also help keep your home in good condition. A smart thermostat tied to a control system will keep the house cool at all times and prevent mold from growing.  Or, if you use your second property as a vacation home, you can maintain the right temperature throughout the year. Let’s say you have a ski lodge in Colorado that you use in the summer for hiking and other outdoor activities. In the winter time, keep the pipes from freezing by setting the temperature to a warmer degree using an app on your phone. When it gets warm again, you can turn off the heat and save more energy.

Home Networks

To stay connected to your properties or second home, you need a strong network. You can’t get alerts, watch video footage in real time, or lock doors from miles away if you don’t have a strong Internet connection. Work with a professional smart home company like us, and you’ll have the right home network to power all of your monitoring activities. Whether the house is in a remote location or thousands of miles away from you, our team can ensure you get reliable performance so that you don’t miss out on any important activity.

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