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Our clients in Rancho Santa Fe, CA know that they can trust One Touch Living for their home Wi-Fi and mesh network needs—learn more.

Improve Your Home Wi-Fi With an Expert Installation

Wireless Connectivity Is Convenient, But It Can Be Troublesome.

Improve Your Home Wi-Fi With an Expert Installation

There’s no doubt: we live in a wireless world, where nearly every aspect of our daily life depends on a reliable Wi-Fi connection. The heartbeat of a modern smart home is its ability to manage and communicate efficiently with the multitude of devices in your house.

Wireless networking (officially designated as IEEE 802.11xx) has become a ubiquitous platform since its release in 1997. However, despite advances in technology and implementation, your home Wi-Fi still requires finessing to make it work consistently.

Do you find the connectivity in your Rancho Santa Fe, CA home is inconsistent? Continue reading to learn how we improve your network experience.

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Pros & Cons of Using Mesh Networks for Your Home Wi-Fi

When it Comes to Home Wi-Fi, Mesh Networks Are Becoming a Popular Alternative to Traditional Routers

Pros & Cons of Using Mesh Networks for Your Home Wi-Fi

You may not know this, but there are other options besides traditional routers that connect your devices to the home Wi-Fi. Mesh networks are becoming more common in households all over California as an alternative to standard routers.

A router is a central hub that syncs with traffic from your favorite devices like your laptop and tablets. But a mesh network contains multiple “nodes” that spread the Wi-Fi signal while keeping it powerful. Cooperation is the name of the game when it comes to mesh networks.

Along with the advantages of a mesh network, there are also some disadvantages. At One Touch Living, our team of professionals can help you decide whether or not a mesh network is right for you and your home in Rancho Santa Fe.

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