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Want the Highest-Performing Audio This Holiday Season?

Bringing Triad Speakers to Your Home is the Perfect Solution

Want the Highest-Performing Audio This Holiday Season?

Triad Speakers’ website puts it best: “Beauty is in the eye. The ear. And even the soul. It is sound you don’t just hear, but feel. Sound that inspires and moves you. Sound you love.”

Do you want to deck your Rancho Santa Fe, CA halls with high-performance audio that you can feel this passionate about? We recommend Triad’s latest speakers for your professionally installed audio equipment that will ensure a magical holiday season and new year.

TAGS: high performance audio | high performance speakers

2 Exciting New Home Automation Products From the 2018 CEDIA Expo

Lutron and Seura show off the latest and greatest in smart home systems

2 Exciting New Home Automation Products From the 2018 CEDIA Expo

If you care at all about home automation systems and want to see what will be headed your way in the near future, the 2018 CEDIA Expo was the place to be. The event, which took place Sept. 6-8 at the San Diego Convention Center, offered manufacturers a chance to showcase their most recent innovations in front of an estimated audience of about 500,000 people. Here are two new systems that make a splash at the expo and could prove beneficial to homeowners in California’s Bel-Air region.

TAGS: CEDIA 2018 | smart home automation | smart mirrors | two-channel lighting

Boost Your Home Audio Performance with Quality Speakers

Why High-End Speakers Make All the Difference in Distributed Audio Systems

Boost Your Home Audio Performance with Quality Speakers

What’s the point in having a system to distribute audio throughout your San Diego home if the speakers don’t deliver quality sound? If you’re going to invest in high-performance audio, you want crisp, clear sound at all times, and we can help make that happen for you. Here’s why high-end speakers from One Touch Living should be an essential component for distributed audio.

TAGS: Speakers | whole home audio

For Home Theaters, Acoustics Matter!

Don’t Miss this Step in Your Home Theater Installation

For Home Theaters, Acoustics Matter!

A lot goes into creating an amazing home theater. You need the larger-than-life screen, stellar surround sound system, and comfy theater seating in your Bel-Air, CA theater. But before all of that, there’s a crucial step in the home theater installation process that sometimes gets overlooked: acoustic preparation.

The wrong acoustics can ruin your movie-watching experience. What should be immersive and awe-inspiring can instead fall flat. Instead of focusing on a poignant scene or an action-packed moment in the movie, you could be distracted by echoes or left disappointed by audio that falls flat.

TAGS: Acoustic Preparations | Acoustic Treatments | Surround Sound