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Today’s Home Theater Design Offers the Best in Home Entertainment

Explore the Options in the Latest Home Cinemas

Today’s Home Theater Design Offers the Best in Home Entertainment

In San Diego, CA, we’re fortunate to have some of the best entertainment in the nation within easy reach. From the Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas to Rooftop Cinema Club, each venue offers something unique for those who enjoy movie watching at its best. 

But what if you could experience this level of entertainment at home? Walk down the hallway and open the doors to an immersive cinematic experience. In this room, the audio and visuals are so real and the environment so relaxing, they allow you to suspend your disbelief and enter another world. Thanks to our home theater design team, you can.

At One Touch Living, we've designed and installed customized, one-of-a-kind home theaters for over 20 years. From multi-use media rooms to dedicated home cinemas, each is created to fit your exact vision and lifestyle. 

Let’s discover how we create the lifelike images, surround sound, and personalized seating that envelops you.

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The Lifelike Images

To create an immersive cinematic experience, we partner with industry leaders in home entertainment. These companies have defined what’s possible, providing home theaters with larger-than-life images and all-encompassing surround sound that were once limited to the finest commercial cinemas.

One of those brands is Sony. In 2022, Sony Electronics launched three new Native 4K HDR laser home cinema projectors. They provide the latest innovative technologies, delivering an unmatched viewing experience with vivid images, extreme brightness, and brilliant colors. 

The Immersive Surround Sound

Dolby Atmos changed the home theater experience with the introduction of overhead speakers and audio objects. This object-based audio enables sound technicians to place audio in three-dimensional space. 

The result is sound that engulfs you in astonishing clarity and depth, exciting your senses and delivering the full impact as the director intended. Our tech team has the experience and knowledge to expertly design and deploy Dolby’s trailblazing sound system.

The Ultimate Comfort

It’s difficult to truly immerse yourself in another world if your neck starts cramping mid-movie or your back aches. That's where customized, ergonomic, world-class seating comes in. Two of our partners, Cineak and Salamander Designs, have established themselves as the benchmark for luxury seating. 

The Design

While some clients enjoy the plush, tiered movie seating and wall-sized screen, others prefer media rooms that double as a space to host parties, play games, and enjoy sporting events. Large flat-panel TVs disappear when not in use in these spaces, and in-ceiling speakers deliver high-quality audio. 

However, even the most impressive visual and audio technology falls short without considering the entire home theater design. In dedicated home theaters, we incorporate acoustic paneling, starlit ceilings, and various lighting fixtures, creating cohesive aesthetics. Our technicians ensure unobstructed sightlines and balanced audio, allowing every person to enjoy the best experience. 

The result is an enveloping home theater experience that leaves you breathless.

Our team at One Touch Living would love to explore the nearly limitless options in home theater design with you. To learn more about today’s home entertainment or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact One Touch Living today.

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