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How to Make Your Home Theater System Stand Out

Benefit from never-ending entertainment by adding state-of-the-art home cinema technologies

How to Make Your Home Theater System Stand Out

While it’s good to get out of the house every once in a while, you simply can’t beat the experience of bringing entertainment into your luxury home in the San Diego area. It’s more enjoyable not only for yourself but for your family and friends as well.

A home cinema brings multiple features together into one perfect entertaining space. It’s the ideal place to spend your free time and strengthen family bonds. And let’s not forget the fun you can have when hosting movie nights or the big game watch party with friends - even if you aren’t rooting for the same team. 

Instead of piecing together a mediocre entertainment system, you could have a professionally installed home theater system with advanced solutions that truly bring the director’s intended cinematic masterpiece into your California home. Keep reading below to learn what home solutions truly make a home theater a work of art!

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An Enhanced Sound Surround Experience

When you think of a home theater, one of the very first things that pop into your mind is probably a large TV screen or projector and projection screen combination. But the sound system setup is an even more critical aspect of the home cinema experience.

Sound helps you feel immersed in every moment of your favorite movies and TV shows. Advanced speaker systems create a soundscape that spans the entire room, with sound seemingly coming from every direction, thanks to the perfect speaker placement. With One Touch Living's many years of experience, we can place the speakers in ideal locations throughout the room. In scenes with crowds, chatter and dialogue come from beside you, in front of you, and behind you. In action flicks, helicopters move above you and across the screen. Audio blankets the entire room to offer a surround sound effect that makes you feel as if you're there alongside the action happening on the screen.

4K Visuals with UHD Technology

TVs and projectors with 4K and ultra-high-definition technology immerse you into scenes with bright and crystal-clear pictures. Projectors now offer improved image resolution and dynamic contrast ratio compared to their older counterparts. Pair them with ambient light reducing (ALR) screens to ensure every image is crisp and contrasts perfectly. Whether you have a TV or projector, you can rest assured you’ll see highly detailed, life-like scenes that pull you into whatever you’re watching!

Tunable Lighting for Creating the Perfect Atmosphere

Lighting is vital in setting the atmosphere in any space, including your home theater. Integrating a tunable LED lighting system allows you to change the hues and brightness with a simple button tap to set the mood. Colored lights can set the tone for the game or dim lights to the perfect setting for safe treks back to the kitchen for popcorn refills.

Motorized Window Treatments to Block Light

Natural sunlight can wash out the video quality of your projector or TV. Plus, the sun’s harsh glare reflects on the screen, making it difficult to watch movies during the day. Consider adding motorized window treatments with blackout fabrics to completely block the light. You’ll be able to watch movies without interruptions or distractions!

Complete your San Diego theater system with style and cutting-edge technologies. One Touch Living offers the best home entertainment solutions for luxury transformations. Call us at (858) 798-9130, or fill out our easy contact form to get more details. 

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