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3 Smart Benefits of Lighting Control

Enhance your home with better lighting

3 Smart Benefits of Lighting Control

Lighting is the most commonly used technology in your home. And you might not even notice it. When you walk into a room, you probably reach for the light switch. Integrated lighting control improves the traditional switch to provide you with some essential benefits. Whether you're enhancing the beauty of your Del Mar, CA property, or bolstering security, you can get more from your lighting with smart control. Want to learn how? Keep reading.

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Improve Security

You wouldn't be surprised to learn that a well-lit home is a much less likely target of criminal activity. When you combine smart lighting control and precise design, you can ensure your property stays lit, even in unexpected ways.

Smart lighting control will command every fixture in your home, from lamps and wall-mounted fixtures to back-lighting under staircases and along walkways. With just one tap, brighten any space, including your backyard and entryways.

Plus, some systems have automatic "away" modes that appear as you've never left the house. Your lighting will alternate on and off throughout your home at realistic intervals, implying that you’re at home, even when you’re miles away.

Enhance Beauty

As for lighting design, you can get more out of it with smart control. Adjust zones to create dynamic looks, then save the effect as a “scene” and instantly return to it whenever you like. You can change the look of your home with the touch of a button.

Modern systems do more than just brightness and dimming capabilities. Adjust the intensity to change how the light interacts with the colors of your home. Transform the color temperature while the illumination remains clear and notice how warmer tones bring out certain features of your space, while cooler tones make it look completely different.

Promote Wellness

An essential benefit of color temperature control is that it promotes wellness throughout the day. A tunable system mimics how sunlight changes from sunrise to sunset, which naturally prompts your body's responses. Typically, you'll be active in the morning and ready to rest as the sun goes down. Tunable lighting control automatically does the same thing with your lighting system.

Want to learn more about how lighting can influence your daily routine? We have the answers you need.

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