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How Motorized Shades Add Beauty and Benefits to Your Home

Automated Window Treatments Help Reduce Energy Costs, Maintain Privacy, and Enhance Any Room

How Motorized Shades Add Beauty and Benefits to Your Home

A room without decor and furnishings feels cold and uninviting. Adding window treatments finishes a room, providing just the right touch. Shades convey style, ambiance, and even a sense of elegance.

Motorized shades provide more than fit and fashion for your home; they have functional benefits when integrated into a smart home. Shades are fantastic for new construction, and when renovating an older home, they add a sense of privacy and help keep the house comfortable with less energy.

Are you looking to bring more sophistication and savings to your San Diego, CA home? Read below to discover the many benefits of motorized shades.

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The Sun, Tamed for You

Sunlight has a dramatic influence over rooms and physical stimulation to the people in them. Research has shown that the UV light produced by the sun encourages the production of serotonin, the hormone that generates a feeling of happiness and well-being. It also has been connected to promoting neural pathways in the brain, increasing focus, and regulating sleep.

Daylighting, the design practice of opening the walls of your home to allow more natural sunlight, is a favorite of contemporary architects and interior stylists. The desire is to allow more of nature in, blurring the lines between indoors and out, keeping its occupants in tune with the regular cycles of the day. The soft colors of the morning ease you into daytime, transitioning to clear and bright as you work and finally transforming into soft, warm hues as bedtime nears.

While the benefits to your home and your well-being are clear, natural sunlight also generates heat. Even in our temperate climate with minimal variation in temperatures, the sun streaming into your home can make it uncomfortable, putting stress on your HVAC system. Motorized shades tied to sensors and a home automation system artfully maintain just the right amount of light or manually set them at the touch of a button.

Privacy, Made Personal

The windows in your home provide the perfect frame for your sweeping vistas, delivering the ideal backdrop to gaze upon. Such clarity and openness means that others can also see into your home.

Your house should be a refuge, a place where you can completely relax and be yourself. Automated window coverings furnish you with the ability to set just the right level of privacy. Using a smart device interface or with the sound of your voice, lower the shades in your home theater as your family gathers to watch in their pajamas. You can rest assured that all is well.

Perfect for Any Home

The benefits of motorized shades apply to the most modern homes and older properties in need of an update. Are you ready to add style and convenience to your home?

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