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3 Big Benefits of Lighting and Shading Control

Add Beauty and Comfort to Your San Diego, CA Home with our Smart Home Solutions

3 Big Benefits of Lighting and Shading Control

When you are renovating a space or building a new home, there are so many pieces that need to come together to make it look and feel amazing. While you can get caught up in furniture choices, layout arrangements, and color swatches—don’t forget to plan how you are going to install lighting and shading as well. Check out these 6 big benefits that lighting and shading control can bring to your California home. 

     1.      Increasing the Value of Your Home

 Installing lighting and shading control is a low-maintenance way to increase the value of your property. Any control system that can adjust lights and shades will help entice buyers if you ever decide to sell in the future. Not only are most motorized shades and lighting systems affordable, but they are also easy to maintain and can last years into the future. 

 2.      Adding Security

You may be surprised to find that many smart home solutions can also be used to protect your property. Lighting and shading enhance home security in a number of ways. While you are away on a holiday or business, you can set your shades and lights to turn on and off at different times to make it appear as if someone is home. Shades also add privacy to every room by covering every window. Adding motion-sensing lights to your lawn adds security as well because they can illuminate strange activity – even the raccoon that may be going through your trash and causing a ruckus! You could even connect your lighting system to your surveillance cameras so that any movement triggers both the lights and cameras to activate simultaneously.  

 3.      Save Energy

One of the biggest reasons people decide to install motorized shades and lighting control is because they want to save energy. Shades and lights are an integral part of a climate control system. They work together with your smart thermostat to affect the temperature of the home and reduce energy output.  

To cool the home without cranking the AC down, lower shades at midday to block the sun’s rays. You can also save energy by dimming the lights. Our lighting partner Lutron reports that this strategy can save you up to 60% on energy usage.

One Touch Living would love to update your home with new lights and shades. Just fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you quickly with a lot of ideas for a beautiful, energy-efficient, and secure home.