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Home Automation System Update: The Latest from Control4 and Savant

What two of the biggest manufacturers are doing at the start of the New Year

Home Automation System Update: The Latest from Control4 and Savant

With a new year comes new opportunities to improve your lifestyle. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by updating your Del Mar, CA home automation system. If you’re a fan of smart technology, you may have already heard about Control4 and Savant -- two of the leading home automation manufacturers. Here, we’ll show you what they’re offering at the start of 2020 and how you can take advantage of a new system customized to your needs. Keep reading for more.

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It was a big year for Control4 and, keeping true to their name; it was all about smart home control. Not only did they update their operating system with the stunning, easy-to-use OS 3, they also unveiled the all-in-one remote, Neeo.

OS 3

OS 3 is a huge update that improves user-experience for AV and automation. Now Control4 users can see their entire system at-a-glance on a single screen, adjust every zone of their whole-home music system from the Sessions page, and use their TV as a smart home controller.

Plus, OS 3 is natively compatible with Tidal Masters so that you can stream your favorite music in a stunning lossless format.

Neeo Remote

But that’s not the only way Control4 improves your smart home control experience. The Neeo remote is a sleek, Swiss-inspired, handheld remote that’s perfect for users who want the latest control options but prefer the reliability of physical buttons.

Neeo combines the best of both worlds: it features a 3-inch, LCD touch screen and traditional hard buttons in a single, ergonomically designed device. It’s compatible with the latest OS 3 updates and makes it easy to command every aspect of your smart home.


Savant has stayed ahead of the curve on many industry trends and had improved its user-interface accordingly. But, perhaps more exciting is its attention to trends that will benefit the end-user. From a home lighting system that helps you feel better throughout the day to entry-level products perfect for a first system, Savant has its finger on the pulse of the latest technology.

Daylight Mode

One of the biggest trends in home automation is wellness, and there are few better ways to take advantage of the benefits than with your lighting system. After all, you spend all day under your lights.

Daylight Mode uses the latest science on circadian rhythms and tunable lighting control to automatically adjust your lights throughout the day. They’ll be dimmer and less intense in the early morning and late evening. And they’ll appear more intense and brighter during the day.

Essentially, Daylight Mode is mimicking the changes in light as the sun moves across the sky. When it finally sets, you’ll be more rested and ready for bed.

Smart Audio Bar

 Savant has also kept an eye on the new-user market. Whether you’ve never experience smart home automation before, or you want to upgrade a satellite room, you can do it with the Smart Audio Bar.

The Smart Audio Bar is more than just a soundbar. It’s the first step in building a whole-home audio system. Able to control up to six zones, you can start small and grow over time once you get used to the convenience of Savant.

Plus, it’s also capable of acting as a smart home hub. That means you can do more than listen to music -- you can control your AV, lighting, shading, and more from a single user interface.

And don’t forget, it’s also a high-res soundbar that’s perfect for your 55-inch TV. Experience lossless playback thanks to three channels of 24-bit/96 kHz resolution.

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