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Need to Know: Whole-Home Audio

Understanding the basics of adding multi-room music to your property

Need to Know: Whole-Home Audio

Have you heard about whole-home audio and want to add a system to your Rancho Santa Fe, CA property? Big box stores offer plenty of DIY, wireless solutions. But you can enjoy a better listening experience when you work with a professional installer.  At One-Touch Living, installation is simple. Want to get started streaming music tracks to every room of your home? Keep reading.

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Speaker and Wires

One of the frustrations that many homeowners face when installing multi-room music in their properties is wires and speakers. Speakers quickly overwhelm a room with their aesthetics, and you must be careful when staging them to achieve the best sound. Plus, wires run through your home look ugly and cause hazards if you don't know what you're doing. 

Some users consider Sonos, a popular wireless music option. Sonos speakers connect without physical cables. Just plug and play. And Truplay, their automatic calibration technology, helps them sound great anywhere -- even in a cabinet or behind a desk.

But if you’re interested in high-fidelity, high-res audio, you may need a hardwired system. We run wires in your walls to recessed speakers in your ceiling. That way, each room sounds incredible, and you never have to see the components.


The source is essential, but very few homeowners like cluttering their property with AV receivers, record players, CD changers, and other necessary equipment. Instead, we neatly rack these items in an unused closet or the basement.

Racking serves multiple purposes for an installation. The first is that your system is heard and not seen. The second is that it simplifies service, maintenance, and upgrades.

And adding a new source to your system is easy when we know exactly how everything connects. So, you'll have a quick and efficient upgrade, and you can enjoy your system even more.


Of course, with all the technology, you'll also need a way to control it. With a comprehensive smart home system, it’s easy to access, organize, and play all of your favorite tracks with the touch of a button.

Installing a home automation system doesn’t mean you have to install smart lights and motorized shades. The best part of installing a system is that it’s fully customizable. Plus, it’s completely scalable. You only add the systems you want, and if you decide to add more later, it’s simple.

With just one touch, play your favorite tracks in one room, multiple rooms, or anywhere in your home. Craft playlists for each space and play your songs simultaneously. And stream your TV audio through your home speakers. So, you'll never miss a moment of your favorite content.

Want to learn more about whole-home audio? Click here to work with One Touch Living today.

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