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Boost Your Home Audio Performance with Quality Speakers

Why High-End Speakers Make All the Difference in Distributed Audio Systems

Boost Your Home Audio Performance with Quality Speakers

What’s the point in having a system to distribute audio throughout your San Diego home if the speakers don’t deliver quality sound? If you’re going to invest in high-performance audio, you want crisp, clear sound at all times, and we can help make that happen for you. Here’s why high-end speakers from One Touch Living should be an essential component for distributed audio.


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What you’re really looking for when it comes to speakers for your home audio system is fidelity. Essentially, this refers to how closely the speakers replicate the sound that was recorded. No matter what you like to listen to, from the delicate notes of a piano concerto to the squeal of a rock ‘n’ roll guitar solo, you want what you hear to sound lifelike, not artificial.

There are a few indicators to determine if a speaker produces “good” sound. The bass notes should be distinct and powerful (though not overpowering), and you should be able to pick out the separate instruments in the mix. On the opposite end of the spectrum, treble elements should be smooth and clear; you don’t want a jarring, nails-on-a-chalkboard sensation when you hear those high notes. And finally, instruments or voices in the mid-range should also be distinct and easily identifiable, not just a wall of sound.



As is the case with many products, a speaker’s sound quality is strongly related to how well it was made. This doesn’t mean that the more expensive option is always the better option, but you do want to make sure your speakers are made with quality parts by experienced engineers. Balance is crucial from high-end speakers, and One Touch Living works with the best brands in the industry, meaning you will get crystal-clear sound for your home audio system.

Compared with a $100 speaker, a $1,000 speaker will most likely have crisper sound, more distinct bass notes and sound much better at high volume levels. The ability to get quality sound at high volume is a particular concern if you have an outdoor audio system because of the overlapping audio sources present in most outdoor settings.



Another point to consider is that high-end speakers are much larger than lower-end models. This is because producing higher-quality sound requires more parts within the speaker box to ensure audio signals come through clearly and are routed to the right components. Larger speakers can create logistical concerns in certain spaces, but One Touch Living will work with you to create an audio system that blows you away.

One important caveat when it comes to more expensive speakers: Some high-end models are built to produce sound with a certain character or tone. If that’s what you’re looking for, these models are viable options, but generally most people look for speakers that produce naturalistic sound. One Touch Living can help you find the right speaker for any mood or space in your home. Call us at 858.798.9130 or fill out our contact form online.


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