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3 Ways a Managed Network Can Boost Your Business

Keep up with competitors across the globe and ensure your San Diego business is running at peak performance.

3 Ways a Managed Network Can Boost Your Business

No matter what business you’re in, there’s no denying we live in a technology-driven world. Even if your business has very little to do with technology directly, you rely on digital tools to process payments, handle orders, keep track of inventory, take care of HR functions and so on. With these facts in mind, staying on top of your company’s technology needs is more important than ever.

But what if you don’t have the time, resources or expertise to handle your IT needs in-house? This is where managed IT solutions come into play. By outsourcing some technical functions, you’re free to concentrate on other tasks and work more efficiently. Here are three ways enterprise network services from One Touch Living can benefit your San Diego business.

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Setting up your own network and your own IT team is a complicated, costly, time-intensive project. If you have the expertise and experience to set up everything just how you want it, then this is less of an issue. But most of us aren’t network engineers or programmers. Why not let tech experts set up your system and provide the ongoing support you’re looking for?

By using managed network services, you save money by eliminating the need for an ongoing IT team and save time while ensuring a quality installation. Furthermore, managed networks give you more financial flexibility. If you only want to pay for what you need and the occasional support call, you can do that, or you can go with a fixed, all-inclusive monthly payment for a more predictable pricing model.


With everything else you do to keep your business afloat, you may not have time to make sure your software and hardware are up to date. However, it’s dangerous to go too long without updating the programs that power your business, as doing so may leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks or other security hazards.

With someone else managing your network, they keep an eye on your software and keep everything current while you focus on your business’ core operations. Additionally, having someone monitor your network can help mitigate the risk of technical glitches or other problems. Since they’re constantly monitoring your network, they’ll quickly spot any potential issues and can find fast solutions to minimize any disruption to your business.


Because of the way the global marketplace works, you’re competing for customers and dollars not only in your immediate vicinity, but with rival businesses worldwide. Many of these larger operations have resources that simply aren’t available to smaller firms, but managed networks can give your company an edge.

If you don’t have the money or time to build an in-house IT team, managed network solutions give you access to top-tier talent equivalent to that of larger companies. And not only do you get access to expert personnel, but you can also use the same top-of-the-line technologies that bigger businesses use.

Give your business a leg up by switching to a managed network solution. To learn more about our custom enterprise network services, call us at (858) 798-9130. You can also click on the chat box in the corner of your web browser or fill out our online contact sheet.